Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault Review

So first off, I apologise sincerely for the lack of posts recently. As I’ve mentioned previously, I got a new job and it’s full time hours and this first week has drained me slightly and as for the weeks leading up to it? All the paperwork, trips in to the new labs etc was just as bad as working the 9-5.


But as I settle in and everything calms down, I’ll try and find a schedule that works for me of when I can actually write.


So today’s post is a review of the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault and if I’d had my way, this post would have been here a lot sooner but alas, I’m not a millionaire so I had to wait it out.


I wanted this lip vault since the moment it came out for Christmas. I already had the Sovereign Metallic lip kit and a few of the lip liners from the sets and seeing swatches of the vault, I knew I HAD to have it.


10 more lipsticks. Do I need them? YES! Of course I do.


I managed to snag this vault for £25 in‘s up to 70% off sale and also picked up a couple more goodies for giveaways and enough eyeshadows to fill one of their empty palettes. I paid under £50 for this haul and I was well chuffed.


The set comes with 2 exclusive lip kits and 8 existing lip kits and none of them were duplicates of the one I already have. There’s 5 matte lip kits, 3 metallic and 2 gloss and each one comes with a lipstick and lip liner.


Now, I’m a huge matte lipstick girl. Gloss and non matte formulas don’t float my boat but the colours in this vault are gorgeous and that’s the whole reason I bought the vault and not just the matte lipsticks individually.


So, the ten colours are as followed:

  • Highness Matte Lip Kit (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Noble Matte Lip Kit
  • Duchess Matte Lip Kit (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Grandee Matte Lip Kit
  • Echelon Matte Lip Kit
  • In Waiting Metallic Lip Kit
  • Empress Metallic Lip Kit
  • Regent Metallic Lip Kit
  • Original Gloss Lip Kit
  • Honour Gloss Lip Kit


I found all of the formulas to be really comfortable to wear and they are long lasting, lasting a whole day at work and only needing reapplication after lunch.


The lipliners are super creamy and pigmented. I think I complained on a really early post that the metallic lip liner for Sovereign wasn’t great but from the looks of it, Makeup Revolution have made their metallic lip liners a lot more pigmented.


My only real disappointment with these lipsticks is that the metallic formulas aren’t that great. They don’t apply very easily but they look stunning when they do finally apply smooth.

Matte lip kits top to bottom:







There’s a lot of nude tones in this set and that’s great for me because after receiving the NYX Liquid Suede Vault, I don’t need anymore bright colours!


The metallic lip kit in shade Regent has to be my favourite of the whole vault but as mentioned above, it is slightly streaky on application and is very hard to get a good, even finish but it’s a divine red that gives me ultra heart eyes.

Metallic lip kits top to bottom:


In Waiting



If the gloss shade Original had a matte alternative, that would probably take position of my favourite lipstick in this kit. It’s a beautiful peachy pink and reminds me a bit of Jeffree Star’s Nude Beach lipstick.

Gloss lip kits top to bottom:




Grandee is probably my least favourite shade purely because it’s slightly too pink for me. It clashes horribly with my hair but on other people, I can see it looking amazing.



Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Lip Kits? If so, which one is your favourite and what do you think of them?




Lots of Love,

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