My 2 Step Skincare Routine

I’ve said for a while that I don’t have a skincare routine and just give my skin what it needs, when it needs it. In my 7 Day Skin SOS post, I listed some of the products I use when required but never full time.


This is still the case. I don’t use my YesTo wipes all the time because they aren’t necessary all the time. I wipe my skin with the Tomato wipes after makeup in an attempt to stop breakouts and I do use the DIY Charcoal Mask on my nose when my blackheads are particularly bad but like I’ve always said, I just use what my skin needs when it needs it.


I stumbled into a skin care routine by total accident.


My boyfriend broke up with me and I went through a rough few days but decided to have a bath (baths heal all ailments), put on a face mask and kick my backside into action.


It worked, mercifully, and I did stop wallowing but I also realised I’d stumbled across the way to make my skin baby soft and look so healthy.


In my Blogger Secret Santa gift from a blogger named Laura, I received a face scrub from L’Oreal called the Glow Scrub. I was really reluctant to use it because of my sensitive skin but gave it a go and was blown away.


My skin is beautifully soft and looks great. It just feels so clean and even though I do clean my face, it just feels 1000x cleaner, probably because I’ve started to use this and it’s a gentle exfoliator.


I’m not proud to admit that the other item in my 2 step routine is an £85 moisturiser.


IN MY DEFENCE it came as a product in March’s Look Fantastic box which I ordered as a one-off to try a beauty subscription box.


It’s a Balancing Moisturiser by Hungarian brand Omorovicza and I am head over heels in love with it. It makes my skin look so much brighter and I’ve noticed that a lot of my red patches have disappeared or been reduced. I feel confident in my skin again.


But what exactly is my routine?

Well, it’s a morning and night thing.


In the morning, as soon as I wake up and go to the bathroom, I splash my face with cold water to wake myself up and then put on the Omorovicza moisturiser. Whether I’m putting makeup on or not, this goes on my face every morning.


In the evening, I take my makeup off if needed and then quickly wash my face with just warm water, pat it dry and use the L’Oreal Glow Scrub on my nose/around my nose, chin, forehead and jawline. I use small circular motions to exfoliate and then leave the scrub to sit for a couple minutes before I wash it off with warm water. After patting my face dry, I put on my moisturiser and that’s me.


It took just 2 days for me to notice a difference.


I’ve always been skeptical of using a skincare routine. First off, because it seemed a lot of effort that I’d probably end up forgetting to do, and second because you see people with a 10 step routine and they say it doesn’t help.


It seemed a cop out but since having a routine, I’ve noticed that my skin feels amazing, my makeup applies a lot better and I just feel more confident about my skin. I look so much healthier and I have more of a glow that I’ve not wanted to cover with makeup!


My routine does change when I’m wearing makeup. My night routine has the extra step of makeup removal and for that, I use Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm and Garnier Micellar Water to remove the balm and makeup. I get no makeup residue and my pores don’t feel clogged afterwards. It’s an absolute blessing!


You don’t need much to start a skincare routine. If you have a cleaning product and then a moisturiser that leaves your skin soft and healthy, you do that and you work it. If you use 20 products everyday and you love how it makes your skin, you do you.


But since trying to keep a skincare routine, I’ve started to wonder why I didn’t just try it sooner. Just 2 products have changed how my skin looks and feels and I’ve never been happier.



Do you have a skincare routine? If so, let me know what it is and what products you recommend to other people!




Lots of Love,

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