GIANT £400 Makeup Haul – Yes, I Have Gone A Bit Mad

So this month, I have gone a little crazy with my spending where makeup is concerned. However, it is slightly more justified as I have no bus fares to pay and actually, I got £76 back from my Romwe return so technically, I’ve only spent around £300 which IS PRETTY GOOD FOR ME.


Why have I spent this much and more importantly, how?



Well, I decided that this month was going to be the month I splashed out on some more high end makeup for once, bought some items for a post/video I’ve been wanting to do for a while and get myself some goodies that are new releases or things I’ve been meaning to buy for a while.


With 4 weeks off, no temptation to buy chips at work everyday and no £63 bus ticket to fork out for, I think I can afford to splurge a little this month. Plus, I have lots of time on my hands to do some makeup stuff.


I always feel weird posting things like this because people interpret it as me bragging about how much money I have. I don’t have a lot. But I don’t have any financial commitments apart from my parents housekeep, Spotify and Adobe Premier Pro and I earn a full time, decent wage at 18. I work hard for my money and as I said in my Realistic Wish List, I shall spend my money, as I please.


I am planning to curb my spending. At the moment, I’m enjoying treating myself to new releases and things I’ve wanted for a long time. But as I’m online shopping, I’m finding less and less that I want so I’ll probably have a couple more months where I finish furnishing my bedroom, revamp my wardrobe and then start properly saving my money.


Life is short, buy the damn makeup.


So where have my orders come from? There’s been a few different orders come from different places but I think I can narrow them down to 2 Morphe orders (annoyingly, the palette I bought got 20% knocked off when I made the next order), 1 John Lewis order, 1 MAC order and 2 Superdrug orders.


About £30 of what I actually spent was on shipping costs.


I’m going to break this post down into what I bought from each site (you actually thought I left the house to buy all this? HA!) to make this easier for me to write.



John Lewis

Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder

Wow. Long name, I know.

I have seen SO MANY people rave about this powder. Influencers, bloggers, YouTubers… so much so that I had to buy it. And while John Lewis had 10% off all Charlotte Tilbury, I picked one up and hoped and prayed that it would be worth the £30.40 that I paid for it.

Long story short, I’ve not tried it yet. Not really had the energy since surgery to test any products but on first impressions, I’m going to guess the packaging is about half the price. It’s boujie. It’s almost rose gold all over with a mirror and I am SCARED to touch it and get fingerprints on it.

I hope it’s worth it.

It was a huge investment but as I said in my Realistic Wish List, I need to find a good setting powder for under my eyes.

MAC Girls – Risk Taker Eyeshadow Palette

In hindsight? I’d have ordered all my MAC products from John Lewis as they had 15% off (I only get 10% off with student discount) but some products weren’t available on John Lewis.

I remember watching influencers open these palettes in PR and loving some of the designs but the Risk Taker palette is more up my street. I love the pinks and burgundies in this palette and there’s also a pale highlight that should be perfect for my skin.

In the future, I do plan to do a full review on this palette so will keep this summary short but my first impression was that the palette is HEAVY. Like, it has some weight behind it. It’s a sleek and beautiful design that will be perfect for travelling but my god, it’s heavier than any other palette I own.



MAC Prep & Prime Fix + – Coconut

I love the original MAC Fix + and also love the smell of coconuts so this seemed like a perfect combination for me.

I am a tad disappointed.

It doesn’t smell as coconutty as I would like. It’s a subtle scent and doesn’t smell artificial like most coconut scents but it’s not as there as I would like. It disappears quickly into the ether leaving you with bog standard Fix +.

I’m also not 100% about the colour of the bottle making it look like a bottle of a dehydrated person’s wee but there we go.

I’m sure this will be as good as the original Fix + as I don’t believe they’ve changed the formulas but we shall see.



MAC Cosmetics

I had a few issues with this order regarding delivery. I paid for Saturday delivery and then it never came, waited until the Tuesday when I was told my order would arrive and it still didn’t. Thankfully, MAC customer services were really good and refunded me my delivery fee and one of my Lipglass’.

Prep & Prime Fix + Shimmer Duo

I saw these on the first page when I went to the MAC website and KNEW I had to have them. I couldn’t decide between the pink and the gold so naturally, I bought both and have absolutely no regrets. Haven’t yet to use them but as with the Coconut Fix +, I love the original so I hopefully shouldn’t have an issue!



Ultimate Nudes Lipstick Kit

In this kit of 3 lipsticks, I got a Satin finish, Matte finish and Cremesheen finish. Since my friend bought me 2 of the liptensity lipsticks, I’ve been dying to try more MAC lipsticks. I’m always wearing a nude lip to work so I decided that buying the nude kit would be better than any other colour as there’s more chance of me ACTUALLY using the lipsticks.



Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Double Gleam

I’ve swatched this already and I KNOW it’s going to become my everyday highlight. It’s got a beautiful, subtle glow which seems to be very buildable to create something more intense. I just really don’t want to ruin the pattern on top by using it!



Powder Blush – Melba

I’ve heard a lot a paler beauty influencers talk about this blush so I decided to check it out. I panicked when I saw the pan because it looks really dark but when swatched, it’s a beautiful coral pink and that’s exactly how I like my blushes. It’s a smaller pan than I expected- I expected something the size of the highlighter but never mind.



Lipglass – Soar

This lipglass seems a little less sheer than the other one I ordered but that’s fine by me. Despite hating lipgloss with a fiery passion, this seems like a formula I can get on with. It’s not too sticky and looks gorgeous. I may be tempted to buy more…

Lipglass – Pink Lemonade

As mentioned in my wish list post, this lipglass was calling my name and it is as gorgeous as I expected. It can be used on it’s own but I’m enjoying putting it over matte lipsticks to give them a glittery and glossy finish.



Strobe Cream Sample

I’ve swatched this sample and I do think that I’ll be buying a full size strobe cream in the future. From the bit I used, I can already see it being a great primer to give a glowy finish and even though I’ve always struggled with liquid highlighter, this seems like it might work for me!



Upwards Lash Mascara Sample

This sample will never get used because the wand is smaller than the nail on my pinkie finger and I don’t even think there’s enough mascara for one application, let alone for me to try it a couple more times and see if I like it. I’ll give it a shot but I really don’t think this sample is going to be any good.




15B Brunch Babe Eyeshadow Palette

This is another product that was calling my name. I went to the Morphe site just days after it was released and the pinks in this palette made me drool so into my cart it went… It’s just as pretty in real life and the formula seems ever so slightly better than the 15N Palette which I had a couple of issues with. I’ve used this palette already to create some cute eye looks and I think it’s close to becoming a favourite…

Continuous Setting Mist

Months. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for this to come to the UK but somehow I missed it being launched here and only just bought it. After seeing reviews from influencers and being totally enamoured with the idea of not having a wet face after using setting spray, I picked this up and I’m excited to use it and see how it impacts the longevity of my makeup.



Highlight & Contour Sponge

This is the first ever decent sponge I’ve ever bought and I mainly bought it because Jaclyn Hill likes it and it looks perfect for baking and applying powder. It’s so soft and squishy and I look forward to using it when I next go full cake face.



8L Low-Fi Sculpt & Shimmer Palette

I bought this palette after seeing Laura Lee use it in a video explaining how to contour. I almost bought two of their new highlighters too BUT I am so glad I didn’t because the highlight shades are in this palette, along with the brontour shades. It’s a great palette and the contour shades aren’t amazingly pigmented but that is good for me, as a pale person, because it means I’m not going to have a harsh, unblendable contour.

Micro Brow Pencil – Mocha

Bit disappointed with how cheap this brow pencil feels. I was expecting something a little more like NYX’s brow pencils but this just feels very light and about ready to snap. I’ve not done my makeup since I dyed my hair back to brunette so haven’t actually used this yet (brown brows + mildly ginger hair doesn’t really go) but I shall do in due course and maybe buy the NYX Micro Brow pencil to compare…




Maybelline Tattoo Gel Eyebrow Tint Peel – Dark Brown

Hmm, this is a product I am SUPER sceptical about but I need to see if it works for me. Purely because with my brunette hair, my brows don’t stand out when they’re not pencilled in so if I can avoid having to pencil in my brows every day but ‘tattoo’ them on once every 5 days, I’ll be happy.



Maybelline SuperStay Foundation 24 Hour – 05 Light Beige

Again, another product that I’ve really seen hyped up by infuencers and I’m looking for a new liquid foundation that suits my skin better so what better time to try this? I got this foundation and the brow tint for £12 (yes, for both items together) which is a total STEAL. Having swatched the foundation on my face, it looks to be a perfect match so I’m very glad I didn’t buy the lightest shade.



Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer – C1

Not much to say except that this is my second time purchasing it because I really love it!



Revolution Pro ~Various Items For A Post~

I didn’t want to list every item and I kinda wanted to not spoil a future post and video but I’ve wanted to try Revolution Pro since it launched and only now have I had the chance. I picked up a lot of items to try but not everything- enough to do a decent full face. While there was an offer on to get a free goody bag, I decided now is my perfect chance to try Revolution Pro.



Revolution – Join The Revolution Mystery Bag

This mystery bag was a lot better than I expected. I got a palette, a contour kit, a lip kit, a highlighter and a flexi makeup brush. The palette and contour kit have been stashed away in my giveaway drawer as I either don’t want them or already have them. The highlighter is the Skin Kiss highlighter in Ice Kiss and the lip kit is the Metallic Lip Kit in We Rule.


Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

Craved this for ages and caved. I bought it on Amazon Prime which was expensive but it’s the only place I know that sells it in the UK. It. Smells. Amazing. I’ve honestly never smelt something so GOOD in all my life and I don’t even regret spending £17 on a bronzer. The smell is totally worth it.



What makeup have you bought recently?

Let me know!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

12 thoughts on “GIANT £400 Makeup Haul – Yes, I Have Gone A Bit Mad

    1. I think the mystery bags were pretty much the same! But yeah I didn’t think of using US Amazon! x

  1. I really want to buy my makeup, money is the only the thing preventing me! The makeup revolution concealer is something that I really want to try out though! X

    Ashleigh |

  2. Wow you picked up so much! This has definitely made me feel less guilty about how much makeup I buy every month! Hope you love the Maybelline foundation it’s my favourite!

    Jess //

  3. To be honest, my attitude is always, if you have the money, why not treat yourself! I always love a good splurge, I also find it is great as it can provide blog content too!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  4. Wow! Your eye makeup looks amazing! Brunch Babe sounds like an awesome eyeshadow palette and I love the lipglass too 💖. You have picked up so many gorgeous goodies and I definitely agree, it’s your money so you can spend it on whatever you like 😘 Great post Melanie! xx

    Bexa |

  5. I love that you went all out for some high end makeup! Sometimes, spending more will actually give you more! It’s important to be aware of your finances but when you have some wiggle room, treat yo’ self!

    MAC makes really nice cosmetics. Love their lipstick!

    Nancy ♥

    1. My collection is mainly drugstore and I’ve never really tried high-end but I will definitely be trying some more when I can! x

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