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Privacy Policy


Melanie With An Ie is a blog run by Melanie Daffin.

That’s me.


As someone who’s had her fair share of privacy breeches, I take your privacy seriously to ensure your trust in me.

If any of you are bloggers, you will know that the information we receive about our readers is very limited, at most an email address and the name you use on the Internet. Plus any information that you may offer to us in a comment.

I don’t really ‘collect’ personal data – WordPress does that for me when you give them your name and email for commenting.

But any information I do collect through my blog is never sold or passed on to third parties such as companies or other bloggers. I am not in the business of selling user’s information.

The information I do collect through seeing your information from a comment will not be used to sign you up to any mailing lists that I may have in the future or any other blogger/company’s mailing list. The only time you will be signed up to anything is with your express consent through joining up to any mailing lists I have in the future.

This site does use Cookies to enhance your user experience. Cookies are used on this site to remember any information you enter when you write a comment. They are also used to remember any preferences you set when visiting this site.

I do use third party software, such as Google Analytics and Jetpack to monitor average reading time, where my audience are in the world and other factors that are purely used to improve the content of my website. Again, this information is never sold on or used in an adverse way. I do not use my analytics, and do not allow the third parties to use my analytics, to find out the identity of those visiting my website.

This version of my Privacy Policy was reviewed on May 28th 2018 and will be next reviewed on May 28th 2019.



All views on this blog are my own and yes, I do get sent some items (very few) from brands but this will not change my opinion on the items. I pride my blog on being honest and as in depth as I would like to read when looking for information about a product.

Any and all paid sponsorships or gifted posts will be disclosed at the beginning of the post.

I also mention this in almost every post but I am not a makeup artist. I am self taught and do not claim to be a professional. I am not a skincare, haircare or any other expert and any advice you take from me is at your own risk. I cannot take responsibility for any adverse reactions you may have to products I recommend.

Some links on my blog are affiliate links and clicking these are at no cost to you but may make me some money. If you are not cool with this, then please do not click the links but feel free to support me if you would like.


For any questions regarding my blog, how I use your data or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my main blog email: hello@melaniewithanie.com