My Current ‘Realistic’ Wish List

Hey guys!
So in today’s post, I want to write up my realistic wish list.
I call it my realistic wish list because it’s things I actually want to buy and probably will buy. Not things that I will probably never be able to buy.

Vegan Tacos & Salsa Recipe

Hey guys!

So first of all, I want to make it clear that I am not Vegan- just to avoid any confusion. And I am not here for comments on my lifestyle choice and being criticized for my decision to eat meat. I have IBS and one of my main triggers is fructose and plant based products in large quantities- changing to a plant based diet would kill me right off.

Table For Two Please – Zizzi @ Gloucester Quays

Hey guys!

Valentines Day has now been and gone, chocolate is returning to it’s normal price and the roses are starting to wilt a little. Except for me! I didn’t get roses- I got a succulent in a pig shaped plant pot.