Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation and Concealer Review

Hello all!

As a beauty blogger on a budget, I have been trying out different drugstore foundations and concealers to find an every day alternative to my N07 Beautifully Matte Light Foundation and Match Made Concealer. As someone who is currently not earning, £14.50 for a foundation and £7 for a concealer each month is totally unfeasible so I’ve been trying different foundations and concealers to find something I can use constantly and not put myself out of pocket when it comes to replenishing it.

£14.50 is how much a weeks worth of bus tickets cost for me to get to college.

I need a cheaper alternative!

I’m unfortunately cursed with sensitive skin and eczema so finding a foundation that doesn’t make my skin flare up is a task in itself. Also, being pale, finding a foundation that doesn’t make me look orange is difficult too so I knew I was taking on a huge task.

I watch many beauty channels on YouTube and have seen a lot of people giving Maybelline’s Fit Me! range really positive reviews. So when Superdrug had all Maybelline products on 2 for £10, I bought myself a foundation and concealer to try out.

I bought the Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation in shade 110 Porcelain and the Fit Me! Concealer in shade 10 Light. Being the pale ass girl that I am,  I went for the lightest shades in the hope they’d match and despite the fact I ordered online without actually swatching first (I am an idiot), the shades are actually pretty close to my natural colour, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

I bought these products for a family get-together and rather stupidly decided to use these products for the first time that weekend, when there would be a photographer there taking pictures of us. So if my makeup didn’t work out, it’s my own fault for not sticking to what I knew for the time being!

On first impressions, the foundation seemed incredibly runny and this instantly put me off slightly. But I carried on and applied one coat of the foundation on top of the Mabelline Baby Skin Primer. With one coat, this foundation is fairly light coverage so I applied another coat and finally got the medium to full coverage I like.

Using the Baby Skin primer, it DOES leave you poreless. I have terrible pores on my nose and POOF they vanished! I’ve yet to test the foundation without the Baby Skin primer and see how poreless it leaves me, because Baby Skin is marketed as being an “Instant Pore Eraser”.

In terms of it being matte… I’m not that enamored. I have extremely oily skin and I needed to use blotting paper and a lot of powder to control the shine on my skin. However, when it does stop being shiny, it does have a beautiful matte finish and even with all the other products, it does still feel incredibly lightweight which is a bonus, especially in the summer!

The application of the product was good with a Beauty Blender. As the product is quite runny, I didn’t use a damp sponge as I thought that may just make it even more runny and harder to apply. Because of the consistency, my foundation brush ended up with more product on than my face and it was a bitch to clean. I feel like it is better applied with a Beauty Blender as less product is wasted.

The concealer, I wasn’t so impressed with.

As I said, I am really pale so finding a foundation and concealer that doesn’t have that horrible orange hue on my skin is difficult and unfortunately, the Fit Me! concealer does.

However, saying that, it does blend out easily and it blends to be less orange when foundation is applied over it. But despite it being the lightest shade, it is darker than the foundation so looks odd on top of your foundation.

It’s not a cakey concealer and doesn’t crease when it’s set which is a blessing in itself. Other than the orange-ness, it is a good concealer but it is £5.99 so is almost as expensive as my N07 concealer. So I think I may stick with my N07 concealer!

Would I swap to these products?

The foundation yes. It will more than likely become my every day foundation, saving my N07 one for special occasions.

But the concealer, I think I will stick with my N07 one just because it’s a perfect match to my skin tone. The Maybelline concealer isn’t awful; it’s a good product. But I do prefer the colour of the Match Made concealer.

Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

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