SkinKissed UK Vitamin C Serum: Yay Or Nay?

A few weeks ago, I checked my blogging/Instagram email account and found an email from a UK business named SkinKissed UK.

The bottle is 20ml


Naturally, I was curious. That email account only usually gets messages from Instagram or WordPress but this was different. Upon opening it, I was delighted that the company was asking me to test their product for them.


The product in question is a Vitamin C serum that claims to be a ‘Miracle In A Bottle’.

I tapped out a quick email saying that I’d love to test their product and would be happy to review it for them.


The product came within 3 days which meant that I was able to take it on holiday for me to try out. It was packaged in a bubble wrap sleeve and also in a grey Royal Mail sleeve. It was well packaged for a glass bottle and not overly packaged to minimize the waste. The bottle itself is, as I said, a glass bottle and has a dropper top which I love because it gives me total control of the product.


The serum itself smells like roses and is a yellow/gold sort of colour. As someone with sensitive skin, I was so skeptical about the effect this would have on my skin but I was pleasantly surprised! In just days my skin was soft and the patches of dry skin were clearing up. My spots looked less angry and I felt my skin was so much softer.


You can use the serum as a primer for makeup, not just as a skin care product. I put on 5-8 drops of the serum under my makeup to hydrate my skin and give my whole look an extra glow. It dries slightly tacky which is really good for making the foundation and other base products stick and stay in place rather than slide around my face. But despite this, it doesn’t feel heavy on my face. It’s lightweight and really pleasant to put onto my skin.


You can get this serum from SkinKissed’s Website, where you can pay via PayPal along with normal methods of payment. It retails for £39.95 which may be steep for some but it is well worth it AND as a bonus for you, I have an affiliate code (Listed blow) so you can get money off your order.


Would I recommend this product?



It has become a staple of my beauty routine and my skin care routine. I mix a few drops in with my face moisturiser AND my hand moisturiser because my hands get so dry washing them constantly in the hospital. I’ve also noticed it instantly minimises the appearance of scars.


Is this product right to be marketed as a ‘Miracle In A Bottle?…

I’d agree, yes! It is a brilliant product and worth a lot more than £40. It is all natural ingredients and while some people may experience a little irritation with the Vitamin C, that disappears as your skin adjusts.

The main ingredients are Vitamin C, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.


Will you be buying this serum?

My affiliate code is :


And this entitles you to 20% off the serum on SkinKissed’s website.


Be sure to check them out on Instagram (@skinkissed)!




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