GIANT TAM Beauty Haul + Mini ELF Haul

Hey guys!


I’ve been threatening to do this post for WEEKS but alas, my job has been demanding and obviously, that has to take priority…



But oh my god!? My parcels (Yes, plural) came from a few weeks back and I’m going to show you all what I got and tell you some first impressions. So bear with me, this could take a while!


You can watch my unboxing video HERE on my YouTube channel!


But first, I’m going to show you the ELF products I bought from Superdrug about a month ago and tell you a bit about what I think of them having used them a few times.


ELF Products


ELF Aqua Beauty – Aqua Primer Mist Clear

I bought this product purely because I wanted to try some more primers and a spray primer. It is a very good primer, I can’t deny that. But I don’t like how violent(?) the spray is. I feel like a lot of product is coming out in one burst instead of a mist like it says it is. Already, I feel the product is being used up really quickly and at £9 for a few uses? I probably won’t be purchasing this one again.


ELF Illuminating Palette 

I picked this palette because I am a SUCKER for highlighter and I wanted a small palette with a few different shades that I could take on holiday and while travelling instead of having 5 different highlighters in my bag. I wasn’t disappointed at all! At £7.50 for 4 highlighters, this palette is a steal. The packaging is sturdy and it also comes with a large mirror which is another bonus. The colours aren’t too blinding and give a subtle glow but I have built them up to give a good ol’ pop!


ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black

At first glimpse, this eyeliner is just like any other felt tip eyeliner. But at £3 it seemed like an OK substitute for my much missed Primark Felt Tip eyeliner. It’s carbon black when I test it on my hand. But as soon as you put it on foundation or primer, it fades to grey. I was horrified because I had relied on that eyeliner for my first day of work and I had no substitutes. Bottom line? I won’t be buying again!



TAM Beauty Products




Makeup Revolution Mega Bake Sponge

I haven’t used this yet purely because I don’t have the time to bake every day! It is a black sponge that’s rectangular with slanted ends… It’s a quadrilateral of sorts but don’t shoot me- I’m not good at maths! It’s a firmer sponge than a beauty blender, looks denser and has a softer feel to it.


Makeup Revolution Silicone Sponge Teardrop

We’ve all seen people using a condom on a beauty blender to blend makeup and a while ago, Instagram was full of these silicone sponges that are supposedly better than beauty blenders because they waste less product. Now, I was skeptical, but fell in love instantly. I can use a lot less product and it goes a long way which I am thrilled about! I love how it fits in my hand when I’m using it and it blends surprisingly well. I also like that it takes a mere 10 seconds to clean and dry rather than having to wait for a sponge to dry out!


Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Limited Edition Brushes (ADVENT CALENDAR)

These are really cute mini brushes that are more novelty than anything. I doubt I’ll ever use them due to their size and the bristles feeling quite plastic but they are pretty all the same. The handles are a peachy pink and the metal work is rose gold. The bristles themselves are a pink to white ombre. Included was a powder brush, a foundation/concealer brush, a flat eyeshadow brush and an angled liner/brow brush.



Face Products:


Freedom Makeup #ProArtist HD Pro Conceal Palette in Light/Medium

This palette was mainly bought for the light concealers, the colour correcting and some of the darker concealers that are more my tone for contouring. At first look, you can see some oil on the shades but they blend out well and don’t feel too oily or heavy on the skin. There’s 24 shades overall ranging from whites to yellows to pinks and light browns.


Freedom Makeup Pro Camouflage & Correct in Green

I hit pan on my Makeup Revolution Colour Correct palette’s green so needed a new green ASAP because I get really angry red patches. For £3, the amount of product I got was good and it’s not cakey and blends well. However, it will need some concealer or a fuller coverage foundation to cover it as the green does shine through if you’ve needed quite a bit of colour correcting coverage.


Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer in 03 Light

I didn’t order this and I was shocked to see I actually had a few testers! But this was a full size product! It did look to dark for me to use under my eyes and when I did try, it just didn’t want to blend and clung to all my dry patches and looked gross. However, it is OK for spot concealing and small areas but I don’t think this is the best product to get if you want a good under eye concealer. It retails for £2 and I have had better concealers for £1 so I don’t highly recommend it.


Makeup Revolution Bronzer (ADVENT CALENDAR)

This is a small, mono eyeshadow size bronzer that I actually really like. In the pan, it doesn’t look to orange and it’s subtle enough that fair skinned people like myself can use it and not look horrific! It’s not patchy at all and feels really smooth to the touch.

IMG_9251 2
Bronzers without & with flash

Makeup Revolution Bronzer Kiss

Although a huge pan and really soft and buttery to the touch, this bronzer is not my favourite by a long way! It is orange! Even in the pan it looks a rusty colour and on my skin, it’s Donald Trump territory. However, because it does have a pinky coral undertone, it could be used as a blush (if you’re into that). It comes with a sponge for application but there is NO WAY I could use it to apply this bronzer… or any for that matter.


Makeup Revolution The ONE Blush Stick in Dream (MYSTERY BAG)

I unfortunately got two of these (My mystery bags were basically dupes of each other, I was gutted) and as I was literally just writing this, one fell out of it’s tube! Not impressed. The blush feels too creamy to apply with anything other than the stick and dragging it across your cheek and to actually get colour payoff, I can see it moving my base around alot. It’s a pretty shimmery baby pink but probably not something I’ll be wearing daily.

IMG_9252 2
Dream & Sugar without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar

WOAH PIGMENT! This is a beautiful, high pigment blush that is soft to the touch and is certainly a steal for £1! Probably not to great for really pale people unless you dig the Russian Doll look but with some careful working, you can probably make it work! It’s not patchy and I will probably end up buying some more of these blushes!


Makeup Revolution Baked Blushes in Bang Bang You’re Dead & Hard Day (ADVENT CALENDAR)

Hello there MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush dupe. Bang Bang You’re Dead is a visual dupe for MaxFactor’s Gorgeous Berries and Hard Day is a visual dupe for MaxFactor’s Nude Mauve. Bang Bang You’re Dead is slightly darker than Gorgeous Berries  but the two other mauve tones are almost identical. The formula of the MaxFactor ones are alot smoother which you would expect from a £9 blush! But both are super pigmented and blend out well. Would I swap my Creme Puff blushes for these? I may need more convincing!

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I was honestly so excited when I got this but got soooo disappointed when I tried it! You get a lot of product for an advent calendar gift but it did not float my boat. It was smooth to apply and looked great as a swatch but when I started to try and blend it on my cheeks and nose etc, it turned super cakey and started to flake off! I was gutted! So I am glad I didn’t buy this separate!


Makeup Revolution Strobe Balm (ADVENT CALENDAR)

Aside from my very broken Gold Addict strobe highlighter, I haven’t got anything for strobing. So I was rather excited to get this. I haven’t used it yet but when swatched, it’s rather greasy and is slightly patchy. It also only gives a subtle glow but I’m sure if you layer a highlighter over it, it will look gorgeous!

IMG_9256 2
Highlighters without & with flash

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I have lived, breathed and died for this highlighter. It is STUNNING when on the cheeks. It’s not the smoothest formula but it’s not patchy and is really quite pigmented and so easy to blend. I NEED to know if there’s a full sized version of this because I need one!!


Makeup Revolution Eye Primer (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I already own this one and I hadn’t really raved about it but it works well and does it’s job so I can’t complain really. I should now have enough eye primer to last me a little while and that’s always good.


Makeup Revolution Anti Shine Balm (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I’ve not tried this yet so can’t really give a good verdict. At first touch it does feel quite waxy but I shall give it a go and report back.


Makeup Revolution Translucent Pressed Powder

It’s a translucent pressed powder… not a lot to say really. It does do a great job of setting my under eyes and face. It does come in a fairly deep pan and comes with another sponge like the bronzer did. I did try to use the sponge but gave up. There is a lot of fallout from this powder but if you lightly tap and do little bits at a time, this issue can be avoided.


Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

I’ve had my sights on this for a long time but realised after I ordered it, that it’s going to be too dark for my skin and the Ghost Powder (released 2 DAYS after I ordered) would be a lot better. Haven’t actually tried the powder because I haven’t baked yet and I’m too scared to put it on for work. But when I do try it, I shall let you all know how it is!



Eye Products:


Freedom Makeup Pro Eyebrow Palette

I bought this just because it was cheap and I wanted to try it out really. It comes with 3 eyebrow powders and 1 wax/pomade. It also comes with tweezers and a small brush which it a definite bonus! It’s a small compact with a mirror but I think it’s too light for my brows unfortunately!


Makeup Revolution Line & Flick Awesome Dual Eyeliner

Since my NYX Two Timer liner came all dried out, I have been searching for a replacement that’s cheaper because I don’t want to pay £8 for a new NYX one if it turns out the same! This one luckily works and is a tiny thin tip (which I like) and will likely become a replacement to my gone but not forgotten Primark liner because it doesn’t irritate my skin!


Makeup Revolution MySign Virgo Palette

This was just a novelty item really. Being a Virgo myself, I just wanted it for the sake of it but the colours are really pretty and pigmented and I especially love the purple! I would love to buy all of the signs but for me, the fun was collecting your own sign. It also came with a cute little horoscope book which was scarily accurate!


Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows in Black Heart & Naive (MYSTERY BAG)

Am I overly keen on the colour choice? No. But they are shades I use a lot for base or crease shadow so they are handy to have. They are really soft shadows and aren’t patchy or streaky and for £1 they do the job well. They are quite big pans and are pigmented with not a lot of fallout so I may invest in some more shades.

IMG_9257 2
Naive & Black Heart without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows in NewTral Red, Velvet Luxe & Paper Luxe (ADVENT CALENDAR)

These colours are GORGEOUS. Just the three could be used to create a basic eyeshadow look and watch this space because I may well do that. Like the other mono eyeshadows, they are not patchy, are really smooth and super pigmented and I am so looking forward to sharing my idea for an eye look with you guys!

IMG_9258 2
Without & With flash

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I have an unhealthy obsession for Makeup Revolution Redemption Palettes so I was overjoyed to get another! This is very much a warm tone palette with some golds and pinks and browns and like every other Redemption Palette, they are smooth, pigmented shades. They come with the little sponge applicators which I actually don’t mind using just to pack on pigment.

IMG_9259 2
Redemption Palette without & with flash

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Welcome To The Pleasuredome (MYSTERY BAG)

Upon first seeing the colours, I wasn’t too excited but when swatching them? I fell in love. The blues and purples are so vibrant and it’s nice to finally have some metallic shades in my arsenal of eyeshadows! This palette is definitely for more sultry and darker looks or smokey eyes with bright pops of colour. I am very excited to try this out so if you’d like to see a look with this palette, let me know!

IMG_9260 2
Welcome To The Pleasuredome without and with flash

Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

Finally, the creme de la creme of my haul, the main reason I ordered from TAM Beauty… The New-Trals vs Neutrals palette! When I first saw this on Instagram, I KNEW I had to have it so I waited and waited for it to be back in stock and then I nabbed one! The colours are beautiful and a good mix between matte & shimmer shades. I love the fact it comes with a brush much like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (Yes, there will be a comparison soon!) and the size of the mirror is perfect. This palette is perfect. But I don’t want to say too much as I will do a full review on this palette very soon!



Lip Products:


Oh boy.


Freedom Makeup Pro Melts Lip Gloss in No Heroes (MYSTERY BAG)

I don’t usually wear lip gloss, I’m more of a matte girl but recently I have bought a few nice glosses so I may be straying. This lipgloss is a beautiful dark pink and nothing too bright but I still don’t think it’s the sort of colour I’d wear to work. The formula is thick and not streaky and I really look forward to wearing this around!

IMG_9261 2
Pro Melt & Lipstick collection without and with flash

Freedom Makeup Pro Bare Lipstick Collection

I bought these for work and at £1 a piece I can’t complain. They’re a mixture of plain nudes and pink tone nudes and aren’t too pigmented which is slightly annoying because you use a good chunk of product when you apply it.


Makeup Revolution MySign Virgo Lip Gloss

Again, this was the second half of the Virgo set and I juts had to have it. Turns out it is actually a beautiful colour and is a huge tube! Not your usual thin tube of lipgloss! It’s a thick formula and certainly not streaky. Only thing I don’t like is that it’s sticky on your lips but that’s what lip gloss does… duh.

IMG_9262 2
Noble & Virgo without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Lip Liner in Noble

This was another freebie and I was absolutely thrilled because it goes perfectly with the Virgo lip gloss! As it came from the lip kit Noble, I was skeptical of what the quality would be like because the Sovereign Lip Liner was awful! But this one is so buttery and smooth and yeah, a definite hit!


Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Flashing (MYSTERY BAG) 

Again, got two of these and was pretty miffed because I’m not one for bright pink lipstick. The formula is good, not too greasy but I’m still not won over by the hot pink colour.

IMG_9263 2
Lipsticks without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks in Liberty and Game Of Mystery (Mystery Bag)

Luckily I got two different shades of these lipsticks in the mystery bags. One was a beautiful nude and the other was a bright purple. Again, not my thing but I’ll give it a go. See what looks I can make with it.


Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lacquer in Didn’t I Tell You? (MYSTERY BAG)

This seems rather similar to the Freedom Pro Melt Lip Gloss in a slightly different shade. Again, because it’s hot pink I am fairly sure I won’t use it often. However, it does have a nice gold shimmer to it so who knows? I may use it as a topper to a lipstick.

IMG_9264 2
Lacquer and glosses without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss (ADVENT CALENDAR)

I got two shades of these and while they are nice colours for lipstick toppers, they will probably never get used. I hate these tubes with a passion! I prefer a stick or a wand and despise squeezy tubes. Something about them just reminds me of the awful lipglosses you get as a child!


Makeup Revolution Lip Power in It’s my Life, Everything’s Alright & Yesterday’s Favourite

I bought these because the colours looked gorgeous and I wasn’t disappointed. I expected 2 different shades in each tube but the gloss is actually a topper for the lipstick. The lip glosses are quite sheer which is good because having 2 products on your lips can sometimes feel too much!

IMG_9265 2
Lip Powers without and with flash

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks in 6 Colours (ADVENT CALENDAR)

Now, 4 out of 6 shades are beautiful but the bright pink and purple are still not floating my boat. The lipsticks themselves are a buttery formula but not greasy. They are well pigmented and stay on for a good amount of time without reapplication. Mine lasted a few hours at work and then a good chunk of time in A&E. They’re pretty good.

Amazing Lipsticks without and with flash


So that’s my TAMBeauty & ELF Haul!


Let me know what you want to see next and I shall see you then!


Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x



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