7 Day Skin Rehab

Hey guys!


So my skin is in desperate need of help and so desperately so that I ordered a tonne of all natural products, paid for next day delivery and all that jazz.


It’s that bad.


I suffer from stress eczema and breakouts and because I have a fringe, I get a lot of spots on my forehead from the grease and natural oils in my hair. Now, being particularly stressed, you can imagine just what my skin looks like. It’s patchy and spotty and really quite a mess.


I don’t tend to buy specialised skin care products. Good old soap and water works for me because me, my mum and sister all have sensitive skin so we get non-perfumed soap and products for sensitive skin. I use micellar water to take off my makeup as wipes are too harsh and really, I prefer an all natural, no bells skin care routine. Maybe a bit of tea-tree in times of need.

But my skin has never made me spend £20 on soaps, wipes and other weapons of skin perfection.

Nor has it ever made me actually PAY for shipping.


But a few days ago, I went onto Superdrug’s website and bought some soap and wipes and bought another lot of wipes from Beauty Bay, I also bought some makeup but that’s not what this post is about.

I want to say I did a tonne of research to find the best set of products that were cheap and effective and would make the angels weep but really? I sat on Beauty Bay and filtered Price Low to High.

Then Googled reviews.


I came across a brand called YesTo who make natural products such as micellar water, wipes, shampoos etc with a theme. So YesTo Coconut products are for hydration, Tomatoes for blemishes and Cucumber for cooling and soothing. Currently, Superdrug have an offer on so I managed to buy 1 pack of wipes and a bar of soap for £4 something rather than £10 for both. The other pack of wipes came from Beauty Bay and unfortunately I did have to pay the full £4 but eh, my skin deserves some TLC right?


I bought the YesTo Tomatoes Cleansing wipes for clearing the blemishes and the YesTo Charcoal Soap and Wipes for detoxifying and drawing out the dirt in my skin. I decided to give my skin a complete rehab course for a week and see how fast these products work (IF they work at all) because:

a) my skin needs fast action

b) you can only really test these products for effectiveness over a prolonged period of time


So you guys are coming on this journey with me! Hopefully this may help people in the same position as me heal their skin back to something manageable rather than in dire need of drastic measures.


You shouldn’t have to spend so much money just to have good skin and usually I wouldn’t but my skin is making me so blegh I had to. So at the end of this post, I will tell you whether I felt it was worth the money and whether I will repurchase any of the items!


For the record, I have dry combination skin and at the moment, I’m not in a hormonal period. I do have eczema and large pores so if you’re in the same boat, this may (or may not) help you. Products in this post will be more tailored to my skin type so do bear that in mind when taking notes because not everyone has the same skin type. Always consider what will be best for you.



Day One – Sunday 10th September

I first started the day by cleaning my face before doing a full face of makeup for a YouTube video and then taking off the makeup and cleansing my face with a YesTo charcoal wipe. The wipes themselves are black which really put me off at first but they feel so nice on your skin. They do leave your skin feeling a little tight and dry though so I then used my Lush Sympathy For The Skin moisturiser.

About 6 hours later I took a nice steamy shower to open my pores and washed my face with the YesTo charcoal soap. I massaged it really well into my problem areas to let the soap get deep into my pores. Both the soap and wipes do have tomato extract in them to help reduce the amount of blemishes you get as the charcoal draws the toxins and dirt out. I let the soap sit for a while until my face felt tight (about 2 minutes) and washed it off with clean warm water.

I then rubbed two halves of a tomato (yes, I did that) over my more spot prone areas, even if there were no breakouts there. I do recommend the T-Zone, cheekbones & jawline area. This stung a lot due to the citric acid being concentrated and not diluted with other products. It particularly hurt on irritated areas and while I let the tomato juice sit, I was in a lot of discomfort but because I knew it wasn’t chemicals and rather naturally occurring acid, I did let it sit before washing it off. Again with warm water.

To close my pores, I held a cold, damp flannel on my face for about 30 seconds and at this point my skin is completely red with all the circulation to my face and I am starting to look like the tomato that had just been rubbed across my face!

Once dry, my skin felt tight and dry again so I again applied my Sympathy For The Skin on my face but L’Oreal Night Cream under my eyes, on my chin and forehead. I then applied Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss to my lips just to ease the chapped look I’m currently failing to pull off.


Day 2 – Monday 11th September 

I started the day by splashing my face with cold water and putting on my Sympathy for the skin moisturiser. While my skin still looks irritated, it is no longer dry and flaky and my spots on my forehead look a lot less prominent.

I did wear a full face of makeup all day as I had my first day at college on my makeup course so therefore kinda felt it right to wear makeup. I wore the Maybelline Baby Skin primer over my texture and to reduce my pores. Around 4pm, my irritated patches were starting to itch so I took off my makeup with the YesTo Charcoal wipes and washed it with the Charcoal soap too just to make sure all the gunk was out. To remove my eye makeup, I used the Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover. With no perfume whatsoever, it is a lot more gentle on the eyes and doesn’t sting the sore patches under my eyes.

My face looked so irritated and red so I held a cold flannel over my face and then put on some more Sympathy For the Skin. I have also bought a Naked Green Machine Smoothie to hopefully boost my immune system and vitamins and have drunk a tonne of water to hydrate myself and this is something I hope will help clear my skin over the week.

After having another steamy shower, I noticed a few more spots on my chin and the side of my head that weren’t there or developing yesterday so from that I can only conclude that the charcoal treatment is working! I also noticed that the pores on my nose look significantly smaller and less clogged and I did almost faint in happiness.

I wiped my face over with a YesTo Tomatoes wipe and applied some Sudocrem to the most irritated patches of my face. Before bed I moisturised with Sympathy For The Skin because Sudocrem is drying and then drank some milk before bed.


Day 3 – Tuesday 12th September

Woke up with a killer spot on my chin and really dry patches despite moisturising after the Sudocrem. This is most likely because Sudocrem is a barrier cream so anything I put on top of it without washing it off probably didn’t get to my skin.

Gross, yes, but I popped the spot and applied some of Lush’s Grease Lightning Spot Treatment and within about 1/2 an hour it was half the size and a lot less red. Before applying this, I did splash my face with warm water and then applied the spot treatment and a bit of Vaseline on the dry patches to really hydrate them.

No makeup today at all and my fringe is pinned up off my face to stop oils transferring from my hair to my skin. Overall, my forehead looks a lot better than it did but the irritation is still my main issue. Again, I’ve been drinking lots of water and the other half of my smoothie.

Midway through the afternoon, I applied some Sympathy For The Skin just to the irritated areas and left it at that.

After yet another steamy shower, I managed to remove all the dead flaky skin from the dry patches. I washed my face with the YesTo Charcoal Soap and massaged it into my problem areas, such as my nose and chin, and then let it sit until the soap looked like it had disappeared. I washed it off with clean warm water and then closed my pores with a cold flannel compress.

After patting my face dry and letting it air dry while I got dressed, I wiped my face with a YesTo Tomatoes wipe and let my face sit for a while before applying some L’Oreal Night Cream under my eyes and Sympathy For The Skin over my dry patches.

At this point, I’m noticing that my pores look cleaner and smaller in just 3 days! This makes me so happy to see because I’ve always struggled with my pores. My forehead breakouts look so much better and less gnarly but it’s my irritated cheek patches that are holding up resistance… gotta keep drinking that water!


Day 4 – Wednesday 13th September

My skin is NOT happy.

While the spots are at bay, the irritation is horrendous and seems to be spreading, likely from the use of the perfumed L’Oreal Night Cream. I used cold water to cool my burning skin and then put on some Sympathy For The Skin.

I had no makeup on again as it was another lazy day.

Around midday, I plastered on Sudocrem and let that sit unil 7pm when I had a warm shower and washed it off. This Sudocrem treatment lessened the irritation by a mile and although itchy, my skin didn’t look so inflamed.

My forehead is a bit bumpy but I’m noticing these more since using the charcoal soap. It’s clearly doing it’s job of clearing the toxins out and deep muck in my pores because my pores looked a bit grimy today despite having nothing clogging them up.

After my shower I did my usual routine of washing my face with YesTo Charcoal Soap but today, I completely missed the irritated areas just in case this was irritating it further. I let it sit again and washed it off with warm water before closing my pores with cold water.

When dry, I wiped my forehead, nose and chin with the YesTo Tomatoes wipe, again missing the irritated patches so they didn’t get aggravated by the Salicylic Acid in the wipes. Today, I also put Lush’s Grease Lighting Spot Treatment on my forehead, nose and chin to lessen the appearance of spots before college tomorrow.

I went back in again with the Sympathy For The Skin, this time missing the night cream but on the most irritated parts, I used a prescription steroid cream to speed recovery. On these areas I applied more Sympathy For The Skin as steroid creams are very drying.

Again, I’ve drunk plenty of water and a glass of milk before bed and my bladder is crying out for relief from the bombardment of liquid! I am noticing that I do also feel much more alert as a result of drinking more and I’m getting a lot less headaches.


Day 5 – Thursday 14th September

With vast improvements in my skin, I decided to give my skin a total rest day.

In the morning when I woke up, I splashed my face with water and then simply just moisturised with Sympathy For The Skin.

Despite being at college, I didn’t do a full face of makeup and left my skin bare to not irritate it further. The redness had gone down significantly and now it was just dry and flaky.

I didn’t drink so much water yesterday due to being at college but I did drink a full litre through the day for definite.

In the evening, I had a warm shower and just washed my face with water again before applying the same steroid cream to the worst areas. Again, before bed I moisturised with Sympathy For The Skin.


Day 6 – Friday 15th September

Again, after noticing the improvement in my skin, I’ve done another relatively easy day for my skin.

Once again, I washed and moisturised with Sympathy For The Skin this morning and completely missed the makeup thing. My irritated patches are no longer red at all and that makes me so much happier and more comfortable in not wearing makeup. Yes my skin is all flaky but a quick wash in the morning easily clears that.

I skipped putting anything else on my face in the evening (mainly because I was tired and forgot).


Day 7 – Saturday 16th September

I woke up and hallelujah! My irritated patches are all gone, my spots are all gone (except one on my chin that’s healing) and my pores look a lot better!

To clear up what’s left of the dry skin on my face, I moisturised with Sympathy For The Skin and again, didn’t wear any makeup throughout the day.



Final Verdict

All in all, this week has provided me with the desired outcome of sorting my skin out. My forehead breakouts are under control, as is the irritation all over my face.

Would I pay for the YesTo products again? Yes. But I would only get the Tomato wipes and Charcoal soap. This is mainly because the charcoal wipes do exactly the same as the soap but I feel the soap does a much better job at getting deeper into my pores to detoxify.

I learnt that my face does not enjoy perfumed products at all. The L’Oreal night cream stung like a bitch and inflamed my poor skin even further.

I do feel a lot more fresh and healthy after doing such deep skin cleanses and also drinking so much water. I feel a lot more awake and alert and less sluggish than I was.

This is a boring exercise. It is time consuming and at some points in the week I was really reluctant to carry on purely because it was so much work. But ultimately, it has paid off. I am a lot happier with my skin than I was and I look forward to only having to manage my skin rather than take drastic action again!



I really hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’d love to know if this will help you at all!



Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x



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