Makeup Revolution x sophdoesnails Highlighter & Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

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So for those of you that don’t know, sophdoesnails is a British YouTuber and recently, she released a palette with Makeup Revolution. She works with Makeup Revolution on their social media team, alongside her own personal media outlets.


Now, I’m not one to buy YouTuber collabs (Sorry folks, the price is usually hiked up and I’m not made of money) but as it was Makeup Revolution, I mentally set aside some money before I even saw the palette. However, what I was not expecting was TWO damn palettes and uhhh… that threw me.

I watched the announcement video and almost died when I saw the eyeshadow palette. One colour immediately had my attention and that was the gorgeous purple shade called Mixed Berries. A metallic, deep purple? That shade right there was the very reason I bought the palette.

The highlighter palette didn’t jump out at me originally but the cool purple and peach shades did tickle my fancy so I ordered both from TAMBeauty and waited for my order to arrive.


Having ordered from TAMBeauty before, I expected a week long wait as I’d only selected Royal Mail Standard Delivery but to my surprise, the package came within 48 hours. For me, this was an extra little bonus… along with the surprise lip liner that Makeup Revolution sent me!

Outer Packaging

The packaging of the palettes is absolutely gorgeous. The eyeshadow palette box is designed with a pastel peach and orange watercolour effect with some details in reflective rose gold. As with the Ultra Glow palettes, the highlighter palette has a see through window on the box.

Main Packaging

The actual palette packaging is pretty decent. Out of the two, the eyeshadow palette feels of a better quality than the highlighter palette and is definitely heavier. I much prefer the finish of the eyeshadow palette as the matte pink with the reflective rose gold feels a lot nicer than the slightly glossier plastic on the highlighter palette. In my opinion, the eyeshadow palette feels of a slightly better quality than the Fortune Favours The Brave palette, which is another Makeup Revolution collab.


Opening the eyeshadow palette, I was a bit bummed to see that the plastic name card was filthy and there was fallout everywhere. The matte pink wasn’t so pink inside! However, none of the pans were damaged (thankfully) and the pigment was easily removed with a cotton bud. I was surprised only because I’d never had this problem with Makeup Revolution before, only my PS… Eye Candy Palette.

Highlighter Palette

The two palettes are just as beautiful in real life as they are in photos. The highlighter palette has 4 colours that would best suit lighter skin tones and 4 that would suit deeper skin tones. The eyeshadow palette has a good mix of shimmer, metallic and matte shadows that hold huge potential for a plethora of different looks.

Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette is, I’d say, a more warm tone palette but does have a few good cool tone shades. There’s plenty of transition shades and shades that would be good for setting your eyelid primer. As a bonus (and also mentioned in the reveal video), there’s a few brown and light taupe shades that could be used as eyebrow powder if the need arose. You could even contour with some shades and for me, this palette is a jack of all trades. Coupled with the highlighter palette and these two could be all you need to go travelling!

The names of the eyeshadows are really cute and seem to really reflect the vibe of Soph’s channel. Some of the names include:

-Fairy Lights




-Mug Cake


The shadows themselves are really high pigment but do have a little bit of fallout when applied. They are smooth to the touch and the metallic shades are almost like butter! The metallics for me are the most amazing shades because they are almost like foil on the lids and don’t require any setting spray or water to make them more vibrant. Personally, I prefer to apply these with a sponge applicator or my finger as I do think they transfer to the skin better than with some of the brushes that I’m using but that is all down to personal opinion.


As you can see, the swatches are absolutely gorgeous! The swatches for the highlighter palette aren’t as great on my skin, so therefore I didn’t include them, but on the face the highlighters are actually really blinding!



Top Row (Top To Bottom) :



-Fairy Lights

Top Row

-Pink Champagne

-Iced Coffee

-Cuppa Tea


The top row is mainly more setting, highlight and transition shades. Pink Champagne is the only metallic/shimmer in this row. They are very light and as you can see from the picture, on my light skin they don’t swatch so well but as I don’t really use lighter colours as feature colours I don’t mind them being a little lighter on my skin.


2nd Row (Top To Bottom) :

-Grow Old

-Sparks Fly

-Smokey Bronze

2nd Row

-Mixed Berries




Now this is the row that sold me the palette! The 3 golds are the most beautiful metallic golds I have ever laid my eyes on and while the shade Mixed Berries isn’t quite as metallic as I was hoping, it’s still a gorgeous purple. Tiramisu and Peaches are two great transition shades and could also be used for more warm, autumnal looks.


3rd Row (Top To Bottom) :



-Pine Tree

3rd Row





The third row is more earthy shades with two metallics. Pine Tree is probably the best green eyeshadow I own and Petrol seems to be a blue/brown duochrome pigment that changes in certain light. It has a purple hue to it and I look forward to using it in more smokey eye looks. The other 4 colours would also look great in warm, autumnal looks or just bolder looks. The red is beautiful and reminds me of Red Velvet Cake. It’s a warmer, darker red which I prefer over bright reds.


Bottom Row (Top To Bottom) :

-Strawberry Sweets

-Festive Flame

-Copper Coin

Bottom Row

-Mug Cake




This row is definitely the one for the outer corner of your eye look or the ones to deepen the crease. They’re warmer shades and the ones that could be used for your brows or transition shades on darker skin.



Both palettes are such good quality for the money. In total, both palettes are £18 and can be bought from and Superdrug, both in store and online. I do think they are worth the money. More than definitely. £18 for two palettes with such a wide range of colours and looks is a steal. I am so glad I decided to buy the palettes and not skip them like I usually do.


Do you own the Makeup Revolution x sophdoesnails palettes? And if so what do you think of them?



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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