Ibiza Ice Sparkling Wine Review

Hey guys!


I’m really excited to write this review because I made this review in collaboration with my mum!


I recently was sent 2 bottles of sparkling fruit wine as PR from a brand called Ibiza Ice. The two bottles were their two flavours called White Isle and Sunset.


Now, before we go any further, I would like to thank Ibiza Ice for very kindly sending me and my mum this wine to review. Because it was sent to me for free, I do feel the need to disclose that this is mine and my mum’s honest opinion and the fact it was gifted does not change our views or sway our review.


Me and mum do like a drink of wine every now and then. It’s not a habit but sometimes we just decide to have a couple of glasses. We are by no means wine experts but we’ve tasted enough to know what we like and dislike in a wine…


Before anyone asks, yes I am 18 and legal to be drinking.


When I first saw the 2 flavours, the Sunset wine really appealed to me with it’s Pomegranate flavour but White Isle? I wasn’t so excited for the lychee, lime and watermelon taste. I HATE lychee with a passion- all I can remember is fruit tasting in primary school and trying to bite into this thing that looked like a sheep’s eyeball…


The wine is made from apples and pears and has an alcohol content of 5.5%. Both bottles boast around just 200 calories per bottle and boasts to be free from artificial preservatives and refined sugar.


So what did me and mum actually think of these sparkling wines? We started with the White Isle and then had the Sunset the next day. We didn’t want to drink them one after the other and ruin the taste of the second one (and because we wanted to drag out the wine, duh).



White Isle

Neither of us was too excited for the lychee flavoured wine and mum wasn’t too enamored by the prospect of a sparkling wine but me? I’m not fussed because I quite like prosecco.

The box claims that the bottles are easy to open but I tried to open it, then mum and eventually we had to ask dad who also struggled to open the bottle. That was the first issue we had with the drink.

Pouring it, me and mum both got a decent sized glass of wine from just one bottle (330ml) so if you are sharing, you both will get decent amounts. If you’re looking for a drink to share on a girly night or a treat without getting drunk? This is a good one to go with.

Mum went straight in for the taste while I hung back a bit, still apprehensive about the prospect of something lychee flavoured.

Both me and mum agreed that it smelt like any other fruity white wine (so not an unpleasant smell) but had differing views when it came to the sparkling aspect. I personally did find it slightly sparkling but mum couldn’t taste bubbles at all.

Mum’s overall verdict of White Isle was that it had a little sharpness to it and did taste like a wine. As it was fruit based, she expected it to be a bit sweeter but overall it wasn’t unpleasant to drink. She said that it was definitely a unique presentation but was possibly aimed at a younger demographic who do drink from bottles rather than glasses.

I had pretty much the same opinion really. You can’t taste lychee which is a damn blessing for me and yes, it does taste like a slightly dry, fruity white wine. I really enjoyed the drink and had you not told me it was only 5.5% and £2.49 a bottle, you probably would have had me fooled.




With it being National Pomegranate Month, this flavour was the perfect way to celebrate! I love pomegranate so this was the bottle I was most excited for and this time, we did chill it! I opted to have mine on ice and mum had hers just chilled in the glass.

The bottle opened rather easily this time so I am guessing we may have had a stiff bottle the night before. I am really weak and have a weak left arm from surgery so if I can open the bottle, so can you!

This was definitely best served chilled and I really enjoyed mine on ice. We had the same issue again where mum didn’t think it was sparkling and I did notice the bubbles. I just may be more sensitive than she is.

Mum’s overall view was that it wasn’t as sweet as White Isle and had more of a sharpness to it and it definitely tastes more like alcohol. She liked the colour but noted that it does look like cranberry juice but if you’re using pomegranate what do you expect, mum…? She also said that when it’s chilled, it’s not so much like a glass of squash and I do understand her comment there.

I preferred this over the lychee drink by a mile. While both taste like wines, this one edges slightly further forward with it’s wine-ness. I do agree with mum that it has a sharper taste but for me, I like that a lot.



For £2.19 on Drink Supermarket, you can’t really go wrong with these drinks. I did really enjoy them and so did my mum and while they weren’t perfect for us, they were really pleasant drinks. Would I buy them again? Probably only Sunset but I would definitely be picking a few more bottles up.




Would you like to try these out? Let me know!




Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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