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What Happened? – Clearing The Air

Hey guys.


I need to write this post and I know damn well it will be twisted and spun but you know what? Whatever. If people want to believe I’m a bad person then so be it but I am happy in the knowledge that I am not a bad person and that’s all that matters. I am being the adult and explaining the situation, admitting what I did wrong and hopefully allowing myself to move past this.


So following post about the copying, I got dragged into a nasty Twitter feud between myself and some other bloggers. I immaturely lashed back and that was a mistake but those that know me will know that I am on the brink of snapping at the moment because of personal things in my life and my pretty awful mental health.


I stuck up for one of my friends and made my opinion very politely to one blogger and when this wasn’t working, I went to block but I was blocked first.


I thought it was over.


I was wrong to react to the tweets that ensued but as Peter Monn would say, they poked the bear one too many times. I am sorry for causing further drama but I was sticking up for my friend and also making my point. Anyone would do that.



If you are a blogger that works with brands and is promoting your blog through Twitter, you will know that protecting your account is a negative thing because it stops so much growth and opportunity. Protecting my tweets was not an option but seeing that this mess was going on and on, I made the decision to deactivate my Twitter account to hopefully let the dust settle and to detach myself and focus on me.


It’s sad and my blog is going to suffer but with my mental health and physical health as bad as it is, it’s the step I needed to take.


I am admitting that I should not have reacted but the metaphorical bear was poked and I couldn’t stand it.


To those that supported me and stand by me, thank you. And to those that have unfollowed, not listened to both sides and stopped supporting me, thank you too. I have learnt who isn’t here to support my journey.


For future reference, when and if I return to Twitter, I will be blocking everyone who drags this back up. No negotiation or confrontation. You will be blocked.


I am struggling so for a few days, I will only be posting scheduled posts and the odd Instagram. Anyone who wishes to contact me, please DM me there.


Thank you to everyone who supports me and continues to support me. And sorry for the drama I have been a part of.



Melanie-Jessica x

7 thoughts on “What Happened? – Clearing The Air

    1. Thank you Amanda. I do feel I owe an explanation because so many people have criticized my actions indirectly and commented on how childish this has been and I have, admittedly, acted out on this occasion due to being pushed. But thank you for your support, I do appreciate it x

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