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Merry Christmas Everyone!


I really hope that you are having an amazing Christmas Day and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your holidays be safe, fun and full of good spirit!


Earlier this year I signed up to participate in 2 Blogger Secret Santas’, one run by Megan Anne and one run by Helina, both very lovely ladies who you should go and show some love to!


This secret santa was run between bloggers and as someone new to the blogging community, I was slightly hesitant to join in but I am so glad I did! I have loved receiving two amazing gifts and also loved sending my two gifts out to opposite ends of the UK! If my 2 bloggers are reading this, I hope you liked your presents!


It is difficult to buy the perfect gift for someone you know in person but for people you’ve never met, it’s a daunting task! You kind of have to go by what you can see from their blog and Twitter and that is next level detective work.


Yet both of the people who bought for me have managed to pick gifts that I absolutely adore and have actually saved me out this festive season! So without further ado, here are the two gifts I received!


A video of me unboxing the gifts can be found on my YouTube channel but as this post is scheduled, I don’t have the direct link yet! But HERE’S my channel link!



Gift Number 1 – *will insert sender when I find out!*

I received this gift in the mail on December 2nd and I freaked out because at this point, half of the items for my gifts hadn’t arrived yet! Because I wasn’t expecting to receive something that early, I stood with the parcel in my hands for a good ten minutes trying to work out what in the heavens I’d ordered now!


But with a slight suspicion that it may just be a secret santa gift, I set up my camera and filmed me unboxing the present.


Because hey, if it was just an online order, video footage can be deleted!!


But it was a secret santa gift and oh my god. Opening Christmas gifts so early felt so wrong but I was SO. DAMN. EXCITED.


I first opened the card which was a really cute charity card and I have to say, I love getting charity cards because I usually buy mine from Paperchase to support Mind (UK mental health charity) and I think it’s such a great idea to give back during the festive period.


Sorry, went a bit preachy Good Samaritan there!


But when I came to open the present, I had no idea what it was! The paper was pretty cool actually. It was textured and I have never seen textured wrapping paper before??


I could have screamed when I opened it and I did freak out quite a bit because the first thing I saw was a damn Too Faced box. I was honestly lost for words because that alone would have sufficed for the gift!!!


Inside the box though was that lipstick, a lip balm, 2 Lindor (I apologise because I forgot I needed photos and ate one!), a candy cane, a mini Yankee Candle, two super cute balloons and a damn near tonne of glitter.


The Too Faced lipstick was a Melted Matte limited edition lipstick… THAT SMELLS LIKE MOTHER FREAKING GINGERBREAD. Yes, that’s right. A lipstick that smells like what it’s meant to smell like and not some halfway there chemical concoction. And the colour?? Right up my street. Warm burnt brown that I ADORE and it does dry down completely matte!


The lipbalm was in a cute little emoji case and I am in dire need of lipbalm because I lost mine and my lips are chapped to bits! Also, kudos to you if you’d read my blog AND KNEW THAT I APPLY LIP BALM BEFORE MATTE LIP PRODUCTS. If that was your intentions, damn you go Glenn Coco. That was some seriously well thought out gifting!


The Yankee Candle is scented Winter Glow and smells exactly like my old Fresh Linen candle that has sadly lost it’s scent. I love these fresh and clean scents and I do have a slightly unhealthy obsession with candles too so yep, this too was a winner.


The balloons are a little santa and snowman ACTUALLY SHAPED like people and snowmen and this is so cute. Topped off with a candy cane and Lindor which are some of my favourite chocolate EVER. (there’s a lot of caps lock in this post, bear with) it was just a perfect gift!


Except the glitter… that got EVERYWHERE along with my fake snow and oh my god my carpet is sparkly.


But thank you SO. DAMN. MUCH. I adored this present and I am incredibly grateful for your thoughtfulness. I am sending you huge love and hugs!!



Gift Number Two – Laura

I received this gift on December 23rd and when I was told it had been sent, I was very unsure if it would be here for Christmas!! But Royal Mail pulled through and saved the day, delivering it on the last day of delivery!!


With the words SECRET SANTA on the box, I knew it was time to set up my camera to film and despite being fairly unwell and still in my PJs, I managed to pull it out the bag for the final bit of my video.


As always, I opened the card first and HALLELUJAH there was a name. The message inside was beautiful and heartfelt so thank you to Laura for really jerking my emotions on that one!


Like the first gift, the presentation of the gift was cute and well wrapped and I did get slightly jealous at how well it was wrapped because I cannot wrap for anything!


I received four gifts that were all labelled with why she had included them and this was such a cute, personal touch that just added to the gift.


My first gift was an ELF blending brush that I was very happy to get because I’ve been wanting to try ELF’s brushes for a while but haven’t gotten round to it so if this one is any good, I guess buying the whole set may be in order… But I’m a sucker for a good blending brush and I already know it’s going to get well used!


The second gift was a L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub and although I am really cautious what I put on my skin, the ingredients list looks pretty safe so after Christmas, I will be trying this out and if it does what it says it’s meant to, then I will be a very, very happy girl! I struggle to use face scrubs due to how abrasive it can be on my skin but recently, my skin has cleared up so here’s to hoping it stays that way!


The next gift was a small bottle of Garnier Micellar Water and I am chuffed because with my SFX Makeup, I go through makeup removers so fast it’s unreal! Micellar water is one thing that does not irritate my skin so thank you for stocking me up! I should be good for the rest of 2017 and 2018!


The final gift was the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette which is one of the 5 I do not have! I bought it for my sister last year and loved the rose golds and pink tones so much that I did steal it a few times but now I have one of my own. Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite brands so this made my day!


This was a really thoughtful present with gifts that I am definitely going to use so a huge thank you to you Laura!


You can find Laura’s blog HERE.



Overall, I am truly so appreciative of the gifts I received. I am so grateful I got such wonderful gifts and I will be using each and every one of them a lot because they are gifts that will work for me! It’s like two people have managed to get inside my mind!




I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and hope you all get what you have wished for!




Merry Christmas!


Melanie-Jessica x

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