New Year New Me – 2018 Blog Goals & Schedule

Hey guys!


Happy New Year to you all!


This is the time of year everyone sets New Year’s Resolutions and although I don’t plan to make any this year (because let’s be real, who actually sticks to them?), I plan to make a few goals that I can reach through the year.


I have a few personal goals such as get a full time job by the end of the year, learn to deal with situations a bit better and improve my mental health. But the goals I want to share today are goals for my blog and other social outlets.


In November I was sticking to a posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and that worked really well. I managed to effectively manage my time and posts without feeling weighed down by posts.


I also set myself a goal for 20-50 views per day and with 2 months worth of success on that front, I intend to set the same target for the rest of 2018. A goal of 1.1k views a month would be good but obviously as I grow, that will grow with me.


I also hope to move entirely self hosted and my current plans are to move in the first week of February so at some point this year, there will be a period of downtime on the site where no posts go up in order for me to migrate fully and seamlessly. I feel slightly restricted by WordPress and how little room for full customisation there is so I think it’s time to take the plunge! The thought of doing everything myself absolutely terrifies me but hey, nobody had any fun by not taking a risk.


Content wise, I am hoping to carry on posting reviews and first impressions etc. But I am hoping to do more tutorials, particularly for my SFX makeup, and more ‘We Need To Talk’ posts, covering many issues from mental health to social topics and more.


If we’re talking numbers, this is where I’d like to be by the end of 2018:


WordPress/Blog Followers: 500-1k

WordPress Daily Views: Average of 30-50

WordPress Month Views: 1.1k – 1.5k

Total Views For 2018: 10k – 15k


Twitter Followers: 5k – 10k

Twitter Monthly Impressions: 150k – 200k


Instagram Followers: 5k – 10k


YouTube Subscribers: 1k – 2.5k



At the moment, some of these goals seem completely unachievable but from seeing my blog grow the way it has, I know that anything is possible.


Goals make me work harder and that’s why I am setting them. I want to hit those figures. I want to grow my blog and see more people enjoy my content.


I personally don’t see anything wrong with setting figures as goals. Some people say that you’re not a ‘real blogger’ if all you care about is numbers.

That’s total bollocks.

For lack of a better word.


You can want a decent following and love your blog and what you do. Heck, I want a large audience to share my hard work with! I want the audience to share with, not brag about.


I also hope to complete the #100daysofmakeupchallenge and each week, there’ll be a roundup of the past 7 days (luckily the year starts on a Monday!) and I’ll be posting my look every day on my Instagram. Hopefully I’ll improve my skills and who knows, I may even attempt to enter the NYX Face Awards for an extra challenge!


But 2018 is going to be a year where I challenge myself and push myself harder to achieve. 2017 was wasted for me and I want to make up for that this year. I KNOW I can do better than 2017. It’s a case of doing and not just saying.




But I’d love to know what you’re goals are for 2018! Let me know with a comment!




Lots of Love,


melanie-jessica x (1)





5 thoughts on “New Year New Me – 2018 Blog Goals & Schedule

  1. Oh my shattered nerves…its as though you read my heart and mind. Although as a newbie to blogging I have a long way to go to being anywhere near to you.

    But I will love to help you reach that goal and be apart of your great blogging journey!!!

    Happy, blessed new year to you and keep it going xxx


  2. I am really looking forward to seeing you 100 days of makeup! I tried this year and didn’t complete it, I really hope you do! Also, I’m looking forward to your tutorials!x

  3. Are you planning to go self hosted and move to the I’ve read a lot about going self hosted with especially with the point of having more customization and options to monetize. What are you mostly hoping to achieve being self hosted?

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