What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hey guys!


So Christmas has been and gone and so many people have already posted these posts but as I had my week break between Christmas and New Year, this post had to come in January instead.


Right from the offset I want to say that this post is not to brag. I am incredibly grateful for what I got and cannot thank my parents enough. This post is only what my parents bought me as I mainly got gift cards etc from other family and I’ve already tweeted what my friend bought me and if I posted everything, this post would last a lifetime (we all know I like to ramble…). I’ve included only the beauty related products because that’s mainly what my blog is about.


I pretty much got everything I asked for (which in fairness, wasn’t a lot) and I am so grateful. I haven’t included the gifts from NYX which me and my mum ordered after Christmas (there was a mix up of orders) but those items will be included in later posts and some YouTube videos.


Speaking of which, on my channel, there will be a video of all the makeup I got for Christmas (and bought myself) so you can go and check that out too!


So without further ado, what did I get for Christmas?



Sony Xperia XA1

Followers of my Twitter will know I’ve had a full on hate relationship with my iPhone for a year now and I wanted rid of it.


This is my 4th Sony Xperia and I cannot fault Sony for their phones.


I agreed with my parents that if they bought me a phone, I’d pay the contract and so my main Christmas present was my phone and I scored myself a pretty little £11 a month contract on Tesco Mobile, my OG phone network before my horrors with Vodafone.


I wanted a good phone that is going to last me a good few years and for me, Sony was the only option. Their cameras are great, their UI is really easy to use and overall functionality is above my expectations every single time.


I will be doing a full review on my phone (because why the hell not? Sony phones are too underappreciated) in about a month when I’ve used it a bit more.



Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

Alright, long time followers of my blog will remember THIS post where I raved about the Take The Day Off Balm. I got myself a tester one day after seeing Laura Lee use it in a video and from that point, I did everything to find an alternative because at the rate I go through makeup remover, £23 was far too much for me to spend.


But after making an offhand comment to my mum in Debenhams, she went out and bought me a tub and I had NO IDEA she would do this because I hadn’t specifically asked.


That’s the thing with a couple of my gifts- they’re things I’ve told my mum I wanted and she’s gone out to buy.


That’s a woman with a brilliant memory right there.


The product also came with a free lip crayon so win win.



NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

After seeing Mykie from Glam & Gore talk about these, I decided that I wanted to try the black and white one along with some other colours.


I went for black, white, blue, light blue, purple, lime and gold and will be purchasing more to grow my collection in the future.


From first swatches, these seem really smooth and pigmented and apply to the skin really well as a pose to some other eye shadow crayons. These will act as good cream shadow bases in looks where I really want the colours to pop.



NYX That’s The Point Eyeliners

I have many thin brush eyeliners so asked for 2 different eyeliners to mix my liner looks up a bit.


I went for the Super Edgy and On The Dot liners. Super Edgy is a really fat angled tip and On The Dot is a dotting tool. I’ve used both so far and I am loving how easy they make artistic liner.


The actual eyeliner formula is good and true black much like their Vinyl Black liner that I love already.


I will be purchasing more of these liners and doing some reviews in the future.




I got a plain black Z-Palette to start putting eyeshadow single pans in. There’s not a lot that I can say about this apart from the fact that the palette came with metal stickers you can stick to the bottom of non magnetic pans.


This was an added bonus I hadn’t expected.



NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow Refills

These pans were bought to fill my Z-Palette and an empty NYX palette that I also got. In the NYX Palette, I put the white and black shadow and all the purple toned shades and the rest ended up in my Z-Palette.


My initial impressions of the shadows are that they will need building up on the eyelid but the formula is smooth and the metallic colours are high pigmented and are going to look stunning. I look forward to buying more and doing a review later on.



NYX  HD Pro Highlight and Contour Refills

I was bought these 3 pans for a few more highlighters and a white setting powder for under my eyes as I sometimes don’t have time to carefully pour out loose powder in the mornings.


Along with the blushes mentioned below, I have managed to fill a NYX Pro Palette except for one space which I plan to fill with a contour colour. This pro palette came part of the NYX delivery me and mum got after Christmas.



NYX Single Blush Refills

Again, these were pans to fill a palette and I got 4 blushes of different undertones as I was very interested to try some of NYX’s blushes.


I asked for Nude-Tude, Pink The Town, Soft Spoken and Rose Gold and some are true matte and some are shimmery but all 4 are pigmented and really pretty shades.


Like with everything else from NYX on this list, I am definitely going to buy more having tried them and seen how easy they are to put in palettes etc.



MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquers

As mentioned in my Top 5 Liquid Lipstick post, I love these lipsticks and I was given 5 more to bring my total up to 10 owned.


I don’t own any of the more obscure shades like blues and purples but I own most of the pinks, reds and nudes.


I love the formula and longevity of these lipsticks and for £3 each, you can’t turn your nose up at that for a matte lipstick. They aren’t too drying on the lips and each have really good pigmentation and I recommend them every day of the week.



StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

I’ve seen so many people talk about this and once again, I’d mentioned it in an offhand comment to my mum and was surprised to open it on Christmas Day.


I am very reluctant to use this in the fear it may tear my brushes apart like it did to Jeffree Star but if it does work, I will be a happy camper because I do not have hours to spend cleaning my brushes.


Watch this space for a review!



Mini Lightbox

Again, another item my mum bought after a comment I made.


This is just something I want for the background of videos and photos and just for a bit of fun. I like the mini ones because they do easily fit in photos and I actually have space in my room for them.


I do have a bit of an issue with the letters falling out of line but with a bit of fiddling I can solve that pretty easily.



And that’s the majority of what I got for Christmas! Once again, I am really grateful for what I got and am super happy I got what I did.


I can’t wait to start using all my gifts and writing some reviews on them. I’ve already started a lot of the reviews because I just couldn’t wait any longer.



So what did you get for Christmas? Let me know!



Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

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