January Roundup

Hey guys!


So where on earth have I been?!


As some people may have noticed, my blog has been slightly neglected these past few weeks and I can only apologise but wow! What a month January has been!


It started off pretty naff. My mental health was bad for about a week but then everything started to pick up and move really fast.



New Year, New Me? 

(Or New Year, Same Shit?)


This month has been the month of changes and really becoming a better version of myself. This sounds cliche as hell but it’s true!


I seem to becoming more and more adult as the days go on and this is a blessing because I’ve been 18 for 5 months- I need to start acting a bit more mature!


But how has this year been different so far?


Let’s break it down.



New Boyfriend

Yep, I’m about as shocked as you are.


My last ‘relationship’ was a 4 month thing in 2013 when I was 13 and it was the in thing to be in a relationship.


Needless to say, it did not work out.


But low and behold, I finally found someone who will put up with me and actually treats me right!

An impromptu day out in Cardiff


I’ve never been so happy and content. It’s an empowering feeling having someone to share life with (in kinda the most lowkey, no huge commitment way) and yes I know, I should be strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man to keep me happy but hey, don’t tell me it doesn’t feel good having someone to laugh with.


So far we’ve had a lot of food dates, lots of chill car rides in the dark and even ventured down to Cardiff just for the sake of it.


I’m happy- it’s feels nice to say that!



New Job

Oh my god. If this isn’t the most EXCITING news of the year I’ll eat my hat.



My conditional offer that lies on my occupational health and DBS checks


You may remember in my 2018 goals post, I said this:

I have a few personal goals such as get a full time job by the end of the year, learn to deal with situations a bit better and improve my mental health. But the goals I want to share today are goals for my blog and other social outlets.

And little did I know that just 24 days into the year, I’d be offered my first full time job and the first step into a career in Biomedical Science!


This is huge.


I currently work in Pre-Analytics but this job will be in Histopathology and closer to home. I’m going to be a Band 3 MLA instead of a Band 2 (that refers to pay) and hopefully this is going to be the job I stick at for a long time.


At present, all my Occupational Health & DBS checks are being done and I am still working at the hospital I currently work at. I am predicted to start work in my new job in March and I am very excited.



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Plans For February

First and foremost, there will be changes to my blog.


With my new job, I’ll be posting less and more posting when I have content to post. My posts will be long, well photographed and looking more professional than before. Because of the situation with my job, I will be upgrading to self hosted at some point which may involve a slight domain name change.


Job wise, I’m continuing to work at my current job every Tuesday and Wednesday and some Fridays.


Early in February, I’m heading to London with my boyfriend (so long as I stay away from Coconut Milk, more about that on my Twitter) so you can expect a blog post and maybe vlog on our day out.


Valentines Day will also bring some posts about ideas and my own Valentines Day experience so you can expect some reviews, opinions and very girly photos.


As my last few days of work approach, I’ll recap on my experiences so you can know what my job was like and I have my own written account of my memories. Of course, I can’t share loads with the nature of my job but I can tell you some of the bare bones.



But that’s all I have planned for now!



January has been a great month so far and fingers crossed, this could just be my year!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

5 thoughts on “January Roundup

  1. Welcome back and congratulations! I can vouch that NHS pre-employment checks take an age but it’ll be worth it all in the end when you get started in your new job! Look forward to your Valentine’s themed posts 🙂

    1. Actually, my DBS came this morning. It was done within hours and now I’m just waiting for occy health! I wad surprised how quick the DBS was done. My current position in the NHS didn’t need a DBS but took over a month to sort

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