Are You Obsessed?! – Why I love Watching Medical Documentaries

Today I’m going to be talking about some of my favourite TV shows and why I enjoy watching them. I’m not a huge TV watcher, I have to admit, but I do find it a good way to relax after a long day at work and watching medical documentaries downstairs with my mum in the evenings has become somewhat of a ritual.


I’ve teamed up with Panasonic to bring you this post, inspired by their HDR TV‘s. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and affects the quality of the image or video you are seeing or watching. They’re high quality pictures and that’s great for me. I have to admit, I am a bit of a quality snob!


But to the actual content of this post and to answer the question in the title.


Am I obsessed with medical documentaries and hospitals?!


Many of you will probably know that I work in a hospital. I have done for almost a year and I am very proud of my job and love it to pieces. You may also know from my Twitter feed that I LOVE TV shows such as 24 Hours In A&E and Inside The Ambulance.


I always joke that I never truly leave a hospital- I’m always there in spirit while watching these shows. And to some people, I do seem obsessed with hospitals.


But these shows fascinate me.


Medical dramas are never really true to how hospitals really are. They’re exactly that- dramatic. Everything is over acted and totally unrealistic. But with shows like 24 Hours In A&E and Inside The Ambulance, you see the raw emotion of real human beings. Real stories and not ones made up to rake in the viewers.


For those of you who don’t live in the UK, I’ll explain these two shows to you briefly.


24 Hours In A&E is a documentary series that follows life in the A&E department (AKA the Emergency Room, Emergency Department) at St George’s Hospital in London. It shows a range of areas from major traumas in Resus to minor injuries presented by walk in patients.


Inside The Ambulance follows West Midlands Ambulance Service on their call outs and shows life as paramedics. I enjoy watching this show mainly because it’s my local ambulance service so it’s closer to home, in a sense.


The reason I enjoy medical documentaries so much is because it’s not acting. It’s raw, real and pure human emotion. And it’s a reminder of how amazing our frontline NHS staff are. Its something we can all connect with- at some point, nearly all of us will pass through the doors of an A&E department.


I find these shows fascinating because you learn how these departments work and a lot of the time, the doctors, nurses or paramedics etc explain why they do certain things or what certain things mean. And I have found it helps ease some of the anxiety of an ambulance trip or A&E admission. You know a little bit about what some of the equipment is and what it does- it’s not all alien.


And yes, 24 Hours In A&E does create a slightly unrealistic view of A&E because we don’t see the hours of waiting some of the patients go through but it’s more realistic than dramas or soaps where everything seems to happen immediately!


I want to know what you think about medical documentaries and whether you have any where you live.




Lots of Love,

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