My New Favourite Everyday Eyeshadow Palette – Morphe 15N Night Master Palette

A couple of months ago, I bought the Morphe Brushes 15N Night Master Palette. I bought this one and not the Day Slayer palette because I don’t really use the warm orange toned eyeshadows that seemed abundant in that palette.


I never really used this palette unless I was playing around when I first got it. But a few days ago, I tried to do a natural cut crease and discovered that actually, I really love this eyeshadow palette.


Now, at work I can’t really do elaborate looks like fancy cut creases but when I can be bothered to wake up earlier to do my makeup, I do like to glam up at least a little. But eyeshadow never makes the cut. I find it far too time consuming so stick to a bit of mascara.


Since discovering my love for this palette, I’ve found a really easy, natural eyeshadow look that brings my whole face together. I hadn’t realised how incomplete my makeup looked without eyeshadow!!


I use just 3 shades- One to set my eyelid and use as the first transition shade, one to act as another transition shade and a darker shade to put in the crease and outer corner. Takes about 5 minutes and doesn’t require much effort at all.


The shadows are all highly pigmented and there’s a mixture of metallic and matte shadows in the palette. It’s definitely a palette for people who like darker and smokier looks than warm toned, ultra-glam looks.


As with all of Morphe’s new formulas, the shadows are soft and like butter on the skin and don’t require much building to get a good, strong colour when on the eyelid. The metallics are definitely better when applied with the finger but that is usually the way most metallic shadows work.



First Row

  • Custom
  • Unique
  • Selfie
  • Talent
  • Shook


All of the more light, transition shades live up here along with 2 metallic shades- Unique & Talent.


Custom doesn’t really show up on swatches but when it’s blended on my eyelid, you can definitely see some pigment. I swap between all of the matte shades in this row when doing my second transition shade, depending on my mood and how dramatic I want my look to be.


Unique is a gorgeous gold toned shade that’s perfect for the main part of a cut-crease or an inner corner highlight when used with a light hand. It’s definitely deceptively darker than the pan makes it out to be.



Second Row

  • VaVa Voom
  • Illustrated
  • Goals
  • Editorial
  • Creativity


Along with the top row, these are the two ‘Safe’ rows. They don’t have too many creative and wild colours to play with. Creativity is my favourite shade in the whole palette but I just haven’t found the perfect application for it yet!


This is the row where I pick my outer corner and crease shade from. It’s usually VaVa Voom if I want a warmer look but sometimes I’ll pick editorial if I want to tone everything down.


Illustrated is another metallic I’m desperately trying to create a look with but with my imagination being all but non-existent and my makeup skills quite the same, I’m struggling on what to do because it’s a bit too glammed up for work.



Third Row

  • Scene
  • Cliche
  • Excuse Me
  • Hello
  • Craze


This is the more fun row with more pinks and purples. This is the row I struggle to use the most because I spend most of my time working and again, they’re too ‘out there’ for work.


That being said, I am going to try and sneak these colours into my work looks. Considering that I have gone in with a bright pink halo eye before now!



I love this palette. I say that about most of my palettes but this one truly has become a staple of my everyday makeup routine. I love how easy the shadows are to blend and how I can create both natural and dramatic looks.



Do you own either of the Morphe 15N or 15D palettes? If so, let me know what you think of them!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

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