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Hey guys!


So, once again, long time no blog post but I’ve been caught up in life at the moment and with surgery approaching, having various appointments where my mental health is concerned and just generally trying to get my shit together, there’s not been much time to blog!


I regret neglecting my blog but my health always comes first and I needed some time to focus on me, get myself together and start blogging (and now vlogging??) when I was ready. One day, I will talk about where I’m at with my mental health but right now, I am not ready to talk about it.



So, this post.


As I mentioned on my Twitter feed, I bought £100 worth of clothes from Romwe and hoped for 2 things.

  1. That my bank details would not be stolen and sold
  2. That some of the items may be decent


I picked up some really cute skirts and tops and 2 dresses and wallowed in my own self excellence that I’d apparently saved over £260 on the retail prices.


What could go wrong?

Well, apparently a lot.



There’s 2 mottos I live by when online shopping and that’s ‘If you can’t pay by PayPal, steer clear’ and ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is’. And Romwe is known for being that site where the prices look a little too good to be true. But compelled by TheDiaryOfEllie’s blog post on her experience with Romwe, I decided to place my order anyway.


Half of it has arrived.

I say half, maybe 2 thirds.

But the rest is somewhere out there. I don’t know where.



I understand that parcels can sometimes be split for ease of logistics but one parcel was being delivered by Royal Mail and one via Parcel Farce (FYI non Brits, it’s actually Parcel Force). My Parcel Farce parcel has arrived but not my Royal Mail parcel.


So that’s my first gripe. The one parcel did not arrive in the time they said it would. The other arrived in just a couple of days which impressed me to no end.


Second gripe.

The skirts are SLUTTY SHORT.


I’ll break down each item (that is currently in my possession) in a moment but this is a HUGE issue for me. I bought bigger sizes to hopefully not get something that rides dangerously high up my backside. What do I get? Something that STILL rides dangerously high up my backside.


I’ll admit it, I have nice long legs so maybe it’s unfair to criticise Romwe on how short their skirts are but I bought these skirts to go to work in. There’s NO WAY I’d feel comfortable wearing them around the house let alone to work!


What did I buy then? Well, a grand total of 15 items and I may keep 4 things. Kinda disappointed but there we go.



Banana Skirt – £5.00

This is the cutest skirt ever and I SO wanted it to fit. I am all for fun prints and this is actually right up my street. I would 100% wear it to work. It’s a really floaty material that would be perfect for the summer but the waistband is so tight it makes me feel like I need a wee constantly.

It’s a no.

banana skirt



Pleated Checked Skirt – £8.00

This skirt is everything I wanted… in a doll size form.

I love me a good checked skirt and if it’s pleated? Double win. But this was so far up my arse it was unreal. And it’s a shame because it’s actually really well made for £8.00 and I was totally surprised but nah, this is going back.

pleated skirt



Black Embroidered Skirt – £12.50

Had a little more hope for this skirt and ALMOST kept it but again, it’s too short. I love the embroidery and pattern and if I ever find something similar that’s slightly longer? It’s mine.

But with a heavy heart, I return this back to Romwe but keep my dignity, at least.




Brown Suedette Skirt – £7.50

Just, no.

I thought the checked skirt was short but this is something else. Yes, it has the awful knicker things underneath BUT COME ON. It’s so short it’s barely a skirt!! It also does not flatter what little figure I have so this was a no brainer. It’s going back!

brown skirt.gif



Red Cord Skirt – £7.00 

This was a keeper. Oh it was a keeper… but it has a faulty zipper!! Why do all the nice clothes have issues?!

I love the colour and the bow and it’s not too short but a broken zipper is a huge turn off. How am I supposed to wear damaged clothes??


red skirt



Black Maxi Skirt – £8.50

This one, I am keeping and I have already worn it to work.

Despite rustling like a Tesco carrier bag, it’s really floaty and comfortable and fits perfectly. It’s the right length and god, it’s nice. I have one similar from H&M that set me back £25 and it’s probably worse quality than this.

Definitely a good call.

black skirt.gif



Tartan Sleeve Shirt – £6.50

This is another keeper. I love how soft it is and how well it fits. It’s going to be a great shirt for work and at £6.50, I can’t complain.

I love a good 3/4 length sleeved shirt and haven’t ever seen one like this in the women’s section in stores.

Kudos to Romwe.




Aztec Print Top – £6.50

The only other keeper so far. Again, this is so soft and I love the pattern on the cuffs and pocket. It’s just a cute top and something a bit different to the rest of my tops.

It’s more of a fleecy material than a cotton but that doesn’t bother me. It’s comfortable and that’s the main thing.




Yellow Crop Top – £5.00

Another go back.

While it’s cute, it’s more yellow than expected and there’s a cag in the back that means it’s unwearable for me. I’m also not a huge crop top wearer (probably begs the question why tf did I buy it then?) but I was wanting to give this one a go.

Shame really, isn’t it?




White Flower Dress – £7.50

The last item of my haul was one I so desperately wanted to work but I can’t have my boobs just hanging out and wearing a bra is a huge no no with this dress. As pretty as it is, and how summery it is, it has to go back because my boobs said no.

That is all.



And that is my Romwe haul so far! I won’t be posting the other half because it’s likely all going to be sent back. It’s mainly more skirts so they’ll probably all be too short.


I gave this site too much of a fair chance and unfortunately, it didn’t work out.



I want to know if you’ve ever used Romwe or whether you’d ever consider it. Let me know!





Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)




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