My Current ‘Realistic’ Wish List

So in today’s post, I want to write up my realistic wish list.


I call it my realistic wish list because it’s things I actually want to buy and probably will buy. Not things that I will probably never be able to buy.


I see posts like this and videos like this get slated because people always assume that the creator is materialistic. I don’t personally think that’s the case. These are things that I want to buy and treat myself to because I work hard for my money and I guess I will spend it however I wish. I don’t see the harm in treating yourself if you are in a position to do so. And at the moment, I don’t have any huge financial commitments so why not buy some home goods that I can take with me when I move out, or clothes that will last me a few years?


I’m going to try and categorise this list into different sections like homewares, clothes, makeup and more. Just for ease of reading.


None of the photos in this post are mine. They’ve been pulled from Google as I do not have the items to photograph myself.

Sooooo on with the list!



Home Wares

At the moment, I am trying to refurnish my room and make it a bit more me. I deliberately chose a more neutral colour when I first had my room decorated so that I could just change the entire look of my room without having it repainted. I originally chose to have red as my ‘feature colour’ but now, I’m looking for more mustards and greens with rose gold or copper accents.

Mustard Curtains

These mustard chevron curtains from Amazon are the curtains that I am currently considering buying. I don’t really want plain yellow curtains and wanted to break the colour up with some stripes but these chevrons are really fun.

These cushion covers from H&M are the 4 that I really want to scatter on my bed. I’m a huge sucker for cushions and I currently have a few grey ones at the end of my bed but they don’t really go with anything. These cushions should match my duvet cover and mustard arm knitted blanket perfectly. I’d obviously need to buy cushion inserts but I know I can pick them up cheap from Wilko.

I am looking to have 2 rugs covering the main parts of my floor purely because my carpet is so difficult to keep constantly hovering so if I can cover it with something that can be easily cleaned, I’d much prefer it. I also just really love rugs and for me, they make a space seem a lot more homely. These too are from H&M.

Leaf Duvet

The final thing I’d want from H&M in terms of Home items is this leaf duvet set. I already have a duvet set from ASDA with cute little plants on but sometimes, having the same duvet set on forever can become boring so why not have some leaves?

Hair Stuff Holder

I’d seen this item on Amazon and didn’t realise that it actually solves a problem I never realised I had. At the moment, my curlers/hair dryer/straighteners are just chucked in my wardrobe and having them all in one place and NEAT would be a huge help for me when I need to grab them in a hurry.




After boycotting a ~certain fashion brand~, I’ve been slowly swapping out old pieces of my wardrobe from that store with new pieces from better shops. I don’t really want any clothes from the store I boycotted, except for the odd item that I wear too much to replace. I’ve started buying more clothes from New Look and H&M and have discovered a different side to my fashion sense. I’ve stopped buying so much black and dark colours but more bright clothes and patterns. A lot of the clothes I buy have to be suitable for my job (as mentioned in my ROMWE haul) because I mainly spend my life in my PJs at the weekend so most of these clothes are more ‘smart casual’.

Pink Floral Dress

First item from New Look is this pink floral dress. I saw it in store first and held off buying it for some reason but now, I’ve started to want it a lot more than before. It’s a cute length and doesn’t show too much of my back. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for the summer when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Pink Mac

Second item from New Look is this pink sleeveless mac. I am one for a long flowy coat and to be honest, if I could get away with wearing a cape I would. But this is the next best thing! I have a khaki long sleeved coat like this but something about a sleeveless coat really appeals to me and I guess it could be the perfect piece to add to an outfit to bring it all together.

HM Skirt

From H&M, this blue calf length skirt is an absolute NEED of mine. I am really digging calf length skirts at the moment and this has been on my wishlist since I first saw it. It’s now got 25% off and I might just buy it and select the pay later option because pay day is very close…




This is where the list is going to get very long. Despite having so much makeup already, I am always on the lookout for better items or new items that suit me better. At the moment I am looking for a high end foundation for special occasions and also looking to try some Revolution Pro items. I am definitely looking at some more high end items to try out now because your girl wants to branch out.

ReMarcAble Foundation

I’m torn between the Dior Forever Foundation and the Marc Jacobs ReMarcable foundation but I think Marc Jacobs gets it here. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Marc Jacobs foundation and although I’ve not tried it on my skin yet, I have seen the Dior Forever foundation in Debenhams and some of the testers seemed to have separated? Based on that and an eventual trial of the Marc Jacobs foundation, it will probably be Marc Jacobs I choose.

Pink Lemonade

The MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade is calling my name and it’s a NEED. I have two MAC lipsticks that my friend bought me for Christmas last year and I love them and I really want to try and get into lipgloss more so this pretty pink one might be a good place to start.

Dew drops

I’m not really enjoying the full Matte foundation look at the moment so I really want to try the Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter to try and mix with my foundation or use as a primer for a glowy finish.

CT Powder

I’ve heard so much about the Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Powder and I really want to try it. I just haven’t found the right setting powder for me and if it takes a high end setting powder to float my boat, then so be it.


I have 17 items on my Revolution Pro wishlist (I won’t add photos for this one) but I have enough on my wish list to do a full face of Revolution Pro (not including contour) so you should be looking out for that post! It will be coming soon!

Morphe Lit

As you know, I am a Morphe whore and I wish I’d bought the Lit High Impact Highlighter when I ordered my last Morphe order but alas, £170 was enough at that point. I am struggling to find my perfect highlighter and I’ve not yet tried Morphe so I may give this one a go and pick up one of their setting sprays at the same time.

8W Palette

The last Morphe thing on this list is the new Warm Blush palette. I loved the Pop Of Coral blush trio I picked up in my last order and this palette was my other option. I am constantly changing my mind on what blush to wear so I like a lot of options.



And that’s it for my realistic wish list!


What’s on your current wish list? Let me know with a comment!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)




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