About Me



My name is Melanie Jessica and I am from the UK.


I’m a fashion and beauty blogger and Medical Laboratory Assistant in Cellular Pathology for NHS England.



The camera I use is a Canon 1200D for both filming and photography and some photos are taken on my Sony Xperia XA1.


All content here is written by myself unless otherwise stated and I do receive some items that companies very kindly send to me or I get discounted but in each scenario, I will disclose my sponsored or ad posts.


All views and opinions are my own and do not reflect those of others nor the companies with which I am affiliated and any details surrounding my job will comply with NHS confidentiality policies for obvious reasons. In the unlikely case I get asked to, I will not under any circumstance release details of medical records of you or anyone you may know or celebrities. This is more than my jobs worth and could lead to legal action against myself. This is not likely to happen but I have to cover myself. I take pride in my job.


For general inquiries about me or my blog, you can send an email to hello@melaniewithanie.com or find me on social media.


Snapchat – melaniejessiee

Instagram – www.instagram.com/melaniewithanie

Twitter – www.twitter.com/melaniewithaie

Facebook – www.facebook.com/melaniewithanie