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Barry M Fall In Love Palette First Impressions

Hey guys! I was hooked when I saw people reviewing the Barry M Fall in Love palette and so much so that I actually went out and bought the palette from my local Superdrug! For me, Barry M was that brand that you always got in magazines and freebies with deodorants etc and this did make me think, for a while, that they weren't as credible as a brand as others such as Makeup Revolution, MaxFactor etc.

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Is There A Difference Between Cheap & Expensive Makeup Brushes?

Hey guys!  Day 12 of Blogmas??? That's gone really fast!  We're now about halfway through and let me tell you, this has been no easy feat writing this man posts! Let alone creating the ideas for 25 individual blog posts!  But alas, I am enjoying it and I hope you are too! Today I'm going to explore the difference between cheap and expensive makeup brushes and whether there actually is a difference in how they apply makeup. 

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Beauty Offers Roundup – Sunday 3rd December

Hey guys! Christmas is drawing closer by the day and this is part two of my Beauty Offers Roundup for Christmas and you can read part 1 HERE even though those offers are probably all finished by now! Again, this is only a list of 5 and they will just be a list of the store's best offers EXCLUSIVE to Christmas and gifts in case you're stuck for what to buy that special someone!

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Natural Every Day Makeup Look

Hey guys! I originally wanted to do this post as a YouTube tutorial but I wanted my YouTube channel to be my focus in 2018 so I've decided to only post my last Cheese Postie review on that channel.  This isn't a tutorial as such but I will explain how I created the look and the products I used to create it. This is definitely a beginner friendly look so don't worry! No smokey eyes or contouring here!

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My Makeup Collection – Week Six : Highlighters

Hey guys! As mentioned in my last makeup collection post, this is my last post of this kind until January.  This is because I want to keep Blogmas clear of existing content and have 25 days of fresh content- aside from one or two posts.  This post is a longer one because it is my highlighter collection! My highlighter collection is nowhere near as big as I would like it to be but for now, this is what I have.